Gallery, Littermeeting of Cajo's puppies in Älvsjö

Kävimme Cajon kanssa Ruotsissa, Älvsjön näyttelyssä 16.4.2006 ja tapasimme samalla kertaa Cajon tyttäret Tillyn ja Alicen sekä Nemo-pojan. Isä ja kaikki pennut tulivat, Tillyn juoksusta huolimatta, juttuun loistavasti ja pentujen luonteet osoittautuivat valloittaviksi :)

We went to the dog show in Älvsjö, Sweden on the 16th of April 2006 and met at the same trip Cajo's daughters Tilly and Alice and also son Nemo. Dad and all the puppies enjoyed being together hacing no problems even though Tilly was in heat. The puppies had just wonderful characters :) Thank you Carina, Siv and Sofia for bringing your dogs to Älvsjö!

"Hello, my name is Cajo, who are you?" From left: Alice, Nemo and Cajo (and in the end of the leashes Carina & Katja)

"I wanna play too!" says Cajo the calm daddy ;)

Nemo and Tilly sniffing each other and Alice showing her gorgeus coat

The whole family posing nicely: Cajo, Nemo, Alice, Tilly.

More posing.

The boys looking very intelligent ;) Even tough it may look like so, they didn't snarl to each other even once, but were really good friends instead.

The girls looking pretty.

Nemo starting to get bored.

Cajo instead is still as happy as always to pose with the kids.

And then the compulsory posings. A head study of Nemo.

Cute boy

Nemo standing, unfortunately not so well :( He was being busy and I didn't got a proper picture.

Alice's turn to pose.

Happy :)

Alice standing

Tilly the cutie.

Tilly standing nicely

Tilly showing tongue...

Nemo and the tongue...

Yep! Their definitely related ;) Cajo licking his lips and Nemo wondering why does daddy have such a big mouth.

Cajo in speed, Nemo behind him and Alice to the right.

Cajo thinks Tilly has bought some superb smelling parfume...

Alice and Nemo

They seemed to have real fun!

Cajo with his Finnish friends Deli and Nekku who were also at the show. Cajo looking so happy to be with the girls and the girls looking... well, bored ;) Picture: Riikka Junttila

Cajo and Katja with Stockholm as background

Cajo posing

Free posing

Cajo in the boat with the new duck which has definitely become his favourite toy ever!