Cajo 9 years old, BOB & BOB-VET in Stora Stockholm 2008. Photo: Per Unden, published in HundSport magazine.

C.I.E. & SE CH(u) & EE CH
FIW-01 FIW-02 FIW-05 EEW-02 NORDW-03 SEW-04 WVW-08 HeVW-12 FIVW-12
Hingstbackes Red-Cajo "Cajo"

>> Video to the memory of Cajo FIN39019/99
Sex: male
Date of birth: 1999-10-11, Finland
Breeder: Leena Jokela
kennel Hingstbackes, Finland
Owner: Katja Stoltzenberg, Turku, Finland
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 22,5 kg
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: clear (11/2008, 6/2005, 6/2004, 6/2003, 2/2001)
PRA-prcd: B, carrier
DLA-haplotype tested: 01502*00601*02301 01502*00601*02301
= The dog doesn't carry the risk haplotypes for IMRD (immune mediated rheumatic disease)
Others: Non-sensible stomach. Kept his good hearing and sight until very end.

Merits from shows

International Show Champion
Swedish Show Champion
Estonian Champion
Finnish Winner 2001
Finnish Winner 2002
Finnish Winner 2005
Estonian Winner 2002
Nordic Winner 2003
Swedish Winner 2004
World Winner veteran 2008

Helsinki Veteran Winner 2012
Finnish Veteran Winner 2012
  Other merits
Most beautiful toller 2002 by Finnish retriever organisation

Qualified to Crufts show
  years 2002 - 2007, 2009 - 2010

World Winner 2008: BOB-VET, res.CAC (BM2), Shortlisted in the BIS-VETERAN final among 6 best dogs

BIG-4 Tuusula KR 2003

BIG-3 Parkano 2003

BIG-4 Laukaa KR 2004

BIG-4 Estonian Winner 2004

BIG-2 Tuusula KV 2004

BIG-4 Turku KV 2006

Finnish Winner 2005: BOB & Shortlisted in the FCI Group8 among the seven best ones

Winner 2001, 2002 and 2005 shows BM1 with CACIB. Winner 2003, 2004 and 2006 shows BM2 with res.CACIB

Stora Stockholm 2003, Sweden: BOS, CAC, CACIB

Stora Stockholm 2003, Sweden: BOS, CAC, CACIB

Stora Stockholm 2008, Sweden: BOB, CAC,

Turku INT Show 2012, Cajo 13 years old: BM1, BOB & BOB-VET

Toller Shows / Speciality shows
2005: BM1, BEST IN SHOW, Best Movements
2006: BM2, Best Movements
2004: BM3, Best Movements
2003: BM5, Best Movements
2002: Best Movements

Tollarspecialen, Sweden:

2006: BM2, BIS ÖPPEN KLASS HUND ( 150 males)

Tollar circuit show, Sweden:

2006: BM2, BOS-VET, res CAC

Finnish retriever organisation's annual speciality shows:

2008: BOB-VET, BIS-VET-3
2007: BM2, BOB-VET, BIS-VET-4
2005: BM2

"Lovely balanced dog with a masculine head & good expression. Lovely neck & topline. So well angulated both front and rear. Excellent body & proportions. Very good bone & feet. Excellent coat. Presented to perfection. Super mover." (Agneta Cardell, SE)

"13 years old. I love his type, size and excellent movements. Amazing condition for such an old dog. A really beauty." (Torunn Sörbye, NO)

"Veteran in the best condition. Has very nice teeth. Really good coat. Has a fantastic movement. Is really a sporting dog." (Peter Beyersdorf, DE)

Other prizes

18 x CACIB (2 Sweden, 1 Estonia, 15 Finland)
2 x va-CACIB
3 x CAC Finland
3 CAC Sweden
CAC Estonia
2 x res.CAC Sweden
20 x BOB, 7 x BOS, 15 x BM2
13 x BOB-VET
>> Cajo's all show results

Mental test
Passed mental test, LTE + 174 p.


Coefficient of inbreeding: 4,4 % (6 generations) / Pedigree with pictures and information »

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Cajo's story and character
It was a sum of lucky coincidenses that this red coated dog with a heart of gold ended up living with me. Originally the puppy-to-be was supposed to be a female and we had decided that she would be bought in the spring/summer. Well, that puppy ended up being a male and arrived a bit before the New Year's eve on 1999. Cajo was 11 weeks old that time. I had actually seen him already as a 2 - 3 week-old puppy but hadn't even had a clue about that one of that litter would move to live at my place. At that time we were just searching for the right breeder and visiting some breeders. We were passing by Leena's place 300 km away from us and decided to pay her a visit. In a couple of weeks a lot happened. We still had thought to take the puppy in the spring but after many coinsidences my mother, secretly from me, called to this breeder who had stuck in our minds. It was after the puppies delivery age. However, the breeder had one energetic male puppy left - the one that she had actually thought about keeping herself but whom she might still be able to sell to us. We decided to go to look at the puppy, still with a thought that if it won't be suitable, we won't take it. I have a clear memory of the moment when I saw Cajo at his breeder's place, at that moment I only had one thought in my mind: He is perfect. A puppy with beady eyes, a white triangle marking on his nose and a wagging tail.

Cajo was a curious, kind and easy puppy. He was already as a small puppy very brave without being foolhardy. His energy fellt like endless. He however used his energy to the right places like running, he didn't really destroy anything else that two lamp wires. He used his energy into playing aroung. He hated harness and a dog-collar and therefore used to follow us free everywhere until the age of 4 months.

If I would have to describe Cajo with only a couple of words, I'd say that he is a dog that does everything from his heart. He is extremely full of life, he enjoys being the center of attention and is ready to play where ever and when ever. Cajo loves going to agility and doing party tricks. Cajo doesn't however actually have that much of will-to-please or then I should just have used the training to find that from him. He is quite a typical toller in the way that he does extremely enthusiasticly and quickly everything that is asked, if he only can see himself benefitting from that aswell. Or if he knows that he just has to obey. He does anyway have a will of his own too, especially as a veteran I have found a bunch of own will. It would be so nice to decide which way we shall walk from the turning but he'll anyway follow me kindly after realizing that no one was listening to his thoughts. But if one does give him the possibility to decide oce, it's for sure that he will be hopeful and trying the next time too ;) Cajo hasn't ever been bossy and knows that even if mom's plate is on the floor, one doesn't touch it without a promision. If I want to prevent him from going to the kitchen, it's enough that I just put a very small obstacle there, he is kind enough not to walk over it. Cajo would even dance on his head if he could to get treats. He learns incredibly fast. I have many times noticed that when I have been teaching some trick to him at one night and then try that same thing another night, he already can do it! I haven't had to do many repeats when teaching him obedience or tricks. Cajo reacts quickly to the commands. The best reward to him is food. He is eager for food, although now that I have seen his granddaughter Ducky, I have began to think that he's still not the world's greediest dog.

Cajo has always been extremely trustworthy and secure dog by his character. He has a strong self-confidence and he hasn't ever shown any kinds of fearfulness in any situations. He takes new situations very rationally (is brave, curious) and the more tollers I have met, the more I have learned to really highly appreciate that is a characteristic. Cajo doens't stress new situations and is therefore easy to take with you where ever (a ship, a train, a bus). In big dog shows he walks happily in the crowded corridors, doesn't ever yap to other dogs and he can easily sleep in his cage. Cajo moved with me from countryside to a big city when he was 5 years old and he adapted there without any problems. I have always been able to take him anywhere without having to think of if something would be too much (he has sort of accidentally even once ended up in the middle of an event where there were huge fireworks and was relaxed even there). Cajo has been character tested and according to that his harhness is +1, a little bit soft. In normal life I would say that he is 'harder', meaning that if something negative happened to him in some place, he still doesn't have problems to going there again. He doesn't have hard feelings on the situations. He even goes to the vet every single time with his tail wagging! When thinking about training, he is not the type of a dog that could't take any negative feedback and he doesn't ever seize up. In my opinion also that tells something about his character, that I was only 14 years old when I got him; I was an unexperienced trainer and was alone responsible of Cajo's training and he still became a kind and easy dog to live with.

Cajo is quite in need of affection to be a male. He is always eager to receive hugs and at veteran age he has also learned to ask for attention. When there are visitors coming at our place, he will jump on the couch next to the visitors and enjoy the attention. Or then he will try to get the visitor to throw a toy to him. He is able to make many kinds of voices, he really can talk. If he is bored when being massaged, he has a spesific sound. If he loves being pet, he makes a spesific sound. And when he goes to sleep, he will have a sigh and make a spesific sound. Cajo is middle to high in his energy level, he has a lot of temperament but he isn't too energetic. There has been a couple of times that I have been ill and he hasn't bee able to get to longer walks or do much else either for n a couple of weeks. In that kind of situations he doesn't start destroying the plac but instead gets a bit depressed when he can't do anything. Is to say that he can take it if no one activates him but he just clearly isn't happy at all if that happens.

Cajo loves to play and his favourite toys are soft toys that make sound. Especially he loves the small dogs' toys. He didn't break any toys, not even as a puppy, so he does have very many of them nowadays. His playfullness hasn't disappeared during the years but as a 11-year-old he instead still keeps playing a lot with his toys ad when someone comes back home after being away, he will grab the first toy he can find and brings it. Cajo get well along with other dogs and puppies, both females and males (of course with a couple of exceptions that confirm the rule), and he loves every people. Cajo thinks that everyone that shows eve a little bit of attention to him, is his new friend right away. He also likes babies very much, he thinks that they do smell so nice. In previous years I used to own also syrian hamsters and I could safely keep Cajo there too when I was having a hamster on my lap and I also had them always in the same room alone. Cajo has also been a "friend dog" (that pays visits to old peoples houses), although unofficially without going to any courses. He used to visit the old people's house with me or my mother at times during several years. He really liked that, because that included everything that he likes: getting affection, being the center of attention (maybe showing tricks) and perhaps even getting some treats. He acts very stable inside and is not disturbed if someone accidentally will collide to him with a walker or will pull his coat a bit. When he was laying under a wheelchair, he didn't leave before he was really in danger to get driven over ;)

When talking about Cajo's character I have to mention his special feature. He was born to perform! He is a dog that does really know how to wrap the audience and the judge around his little paw. He really loves showing and enjoys it for full - the more the audience, dogs ad aplodes, the better. His charisma is something that I don't think is possible to teach to a dog. Inside him lives a showdog; he clearly enjoys the attention, he wags his tail all the time but especially when he notices that the judge is looking at him. It is funny, because Cajo observes the judge himself and evaluates when it is really time to show ones best! He has several times done so in the final rings that when he will look at the judge and starts posing even more eagerly, wagging his tail and staring at me intensively. When in move, it is Cajo who decides the speed, the handler just keeps running along. Cajo has often been on his best in the group competition, he thinks that he is a dog for big arenas. One can see the happiness in his eyes when he is inside the ring or surrounded by people and gets to show his tricks and gets aplodes. He hasn't even considered showing as boring but that has instead been one of his most beloved hobbies which I'm certain that everyone, that has seen him, has noticed too :) I will be forever grateful for this amazing dog!

Hobbies & Training
Nowadays Cajo is retired and just occasionally does retrieving with dummies, does game tracking and mainly just gets to do tricks and doing some obedience training for food.

When I got Cajo, I had planned to train agility and obedience but not to compete in them. So we started agility when Cajo was about 2 years old. We actively trained for a couple of years and because Cajo was very fast and eager and we were developing quite nicely, I thought that we should start competing. But then we moved to Turku and I didn't have a car anymore so it wasn't possible to continue the training anymore. We however got to attend to a couple of unofficial competitions and he even won one competition. Agility is THE thing to Cajo!
--> Video of Cajo doing agility, 4 years old
--> Cajo 4 years, slalom
--> Video of Cajo in agility, almost 11 years old
--> Cajo in agility, 12 years old!

Dog Shows I hadn't actually even thought about attending show but our breeder hoped that we would go, so we went. Cajo was doing over our expectations and already in his first intermediate class show gained CAC, CACIB and was best male 2nd. That is where the story began and the rest in just history. For my big surprise he became one of the most successful tollers in Finland. He has one the trophy for the best movements, that is awarded in TollerShow, for 5 times in a row and still as a 9-year-old he became Se(u)CH in the Sweden's biggest dog show being also BOB and BOB-vet :) Cajo's strongest thing is his movemets that have a unique drive and flexibility, that judges have told never to have seen by a toller. Because of them he has also stayed very agile as an old dog. He has a structure that is very balanced in all aspects and there is nothing 'too much' in him. But the most important thing is that Cajo loves to be in the show ring! Cajo is the 2nd toller ever to achieve the highly appreciated Finnish Winner title three times in the biggest show of Finland! The first toller was tje legendary Golden Fox Jamboree. Cajo has gained for example 18 x CACIB, BIS in TollerShow 2005, BIS-VET in TollerShow 2008, BM2 in TOllershow 2005 and Tollarpecialen 2006 + BIS open class dog in Tollarspecialen 2006. He also has several titels from Nordic countries. He was qualified to Crufts years 2002 to 2010 (except for year 2008).
--> All Cajo's show results here
--> Video of Cajo with me in Dog Shows (World winner 2008 BIS-VET final and Finnish Winner 2007)

Game tracking. I heard about tracking when Cajo was somewhere between 1 to 2 year old. So I tried that with him and soon wanted to take part in a test. Too soon ;) THe result became 0 but the judge said that he is promising dog that just needs training. I however stopped training as we began to train other things. But then I found the game tracking again when Cajo was 7 years old. He had became a much more careful tracker and the trainings started to go nicely so I attended him to some tests but we didn't get a test place, it was rather difficult to get one. I had planned on giving it a new try 2008 but that summer I had so many other things going on that I didn't have time for this hobby. So that one test became our only one... Nothing to brag about here ;) As an old man Cajo has however been given the possibility to do tracking at times and he still likes it.

Obedience. We started training when Cajo was still a puppy. I wasn't planning on competing but just activating him. He learns new things extremely fast and is clever enough to actively offer new ways to do things so it has been easy to teach him a lot. He knows all the movemets that one has to do in novice class but I never competed with him. Cajo is eager and precise (and loves food). Cajo also knows a pile of party tricks and loves to entertain people (and getting food as a reward...)

Then the hunting training. Well, when Cajo had gained 3 CACs from shows I hoped to get him NOU1 that is needed for FI CH. I didn't know much about hunting training and Cajo hadn't even seen dead birds or any kinds of game when I started training him. He was already over 2 years old. We have mainly been practising alone and at first our retrieving tests failed because of the interesting smells of other dogs in the search area. In the Finnish retrieving test the dog has to retrieve 2 seagulls from water and then usually at least 4 crows from the search area (there are 6 crows in the area). Cajo has always fetched the seagulls and he has a couple of nearly passed tests but in the test situation he always stopped bringing me the crows after 4 crows and the judge would have wanted one more. He did find all of them though. So no passed test for us... Cajo's best parts are his excellent marking skills and a wide search. He also has deep and soft grips of both game and dummies and always grabs the dummies from center. The less good part is that he works great at home but in the test situations he has sometimes had other things in mind. Afterwards I have thought that I should really not have even attended in a couple of the tests because I hadn't really trained in a long time but just went there to try if we would be lucky... And like we know, one doesn't gain results without any work. But life's all about learning and not making the same mistakes again:) I still find it a bit pity that he never passed the test because he would have had the capacity to pass. He would probably just have needed a more accurate training and a much more demanding leader. He simply loves to carry bunnies and pheasants. It was however with Cajo that I got to know the hunting tests and got enthusiasted about them. I would have wanted to compete with Cajo in WT but in Finland it's unfortunately not allowed to compete in working tests unless the dog has passed the retrieving test.

--> Video of Cajo returning a crow from search (in the end of the agilityvideo there is also a video of Cajo returning a bunny from a track)

Cajo also took part in mental test and got accepted with a nice +174 points. In the test one has to look not only the end points but most of all the points given from each task differently. Cajo's all points were + (not - which isn't good) and very typical to tollers. The judge said that he is a good dog for hobbies and to be a family dog.
-->Video of Cajo's party tricks, 10 years in the video
--> Video of Cajo playing with a balloon

Cajo 9 years old, photo Per Unden. The photo was published in Swedish HundSport magazine, in the session of Best of Breed dogs from Stora Stockholm 2008.

6 years old, photo: Pia Kurimo

photo: Sofia Ferström

8,5 years, photo: Sofia Fernström

8y and almos 11 years

to the left 8,5 years old & to the right 9,5 years old