Kasvatus   -   Breeding

I have had tollers for 16 years, since 1998 when I got my first redcoated friend. Year 2007 I decided to attend the breeder's course, passed the examination and two years later applied for my prefix Cayora's. I am a member of Finnish Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever club and have undersigned breeder's commitment by the Finnish Kennel Club. I'm also a member of Finnish Retriever Association.

My goal is to breed balanced tollers with a good nerve structure and performance ability. My goal is a toller that is suitable for versatile performance and hunting tasks, but I also aim at a toller that looks like a toller, following the breed standard. Above all, my goal is to breed retrievers with strong hunting insticts, lots of working moral and will to work together with the handler, will to please. I pay a lot of attention to both physical and mental health of the specimens and the dogs in the pedigree.

So far I have bred one litter of 9 puppies. My breeding will be very small scale also in the future as I wish to breed quality, not quantity. There are no litters planned in near future.


Kennel Cayora's
Katja Stoltzenberg
Turku, Finland
email: katjast@gmail.com