The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever was born in Canada in 1860's. Its original purpose is to lure the birds to the shooting distance by using its tail and playful character. In the end it should retrieve the birds to the hunter. At its best the toller is a tenacious and tireless retriever, agile, lively, intelligent and quickly moving. It is a middle-sized dog, smaller than the other retrievers, but absolutely not a miniature sized golden retriever. Because of its intelligence and sensitivity it needs a good training, clear boundaries and a determined leader so that it wouldn't questionize its place in the hierarchy of the family. Usually the toller is sill very nice to train, it both demands a lot and also gives a lot - one never stops learning more about them and as its best the toller is a very enthusiastic dog that is willing to do lots of dog sports. There is however also variation inside the breed in both the characters and the working abilities between different individuals and also different pedigrees. Because of the characteristics of the breed, many tollers are nowadays well working hunting dogs and successful in many dog sports.

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